Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing training will give you the skills and knowledge to identify, listen, reassure, respond and support someone who is suffering from a Mental ill Health and Wellbeing crisis, and even potentially stopping a Mental ill Health and Wellbeing crisis from happening.

In society and in the workplace, stigma still exists around Mental ill Health and Wellbeing. Our aim is to give you the knowledge, skills and support to create a more positive understanding of Mental Health and Wellbeing in society and the workplace.

The Health and Wellbeing (Body MOT`s) are a great starting point if you are wishing to take those first steps into looking after your employees’ Health and Wellbeing. Assisting your employees with their Health and Wellbeing has a huge potential to enhance, employee engagement, health and wellbeing, team building, absence management and Health and Safety within your company.

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